Professional Retainer Agreements

If you`re a freelancer or a small business owner, you`re probably familiar with the concept of a retainer. It`s a contract between you and a client where the client pays you a fixed amount of money per month or quarter for a certain amount of work. Retainers are an excellent way to ensure a […]

Agreement Equation

The Agreement Equation: How to Ensure Consistency and Clarity in Your Writing When it comes to effective communication, clarity and consistency are paramount. One way to achieve these goals is by mastering the agreement equation. This simple formula can help you ensure that your writing is grammatically correct, free of errors, and easy to […]

Original and Amended Operating Agreements

When starting and operating a business, having a solid operating agreement is crucial. This document outlines the rules and regulations of how the company will function and is a crucial tool in preventing confusion and disputes down the line. However, as with any legal document, an operating agreement is not set in stone. As […]

Working Rule Agreement Pay Rates 2019

As a professional, one of the challenging tasks is to write on technical and specific topics. In this case, writing on „working rule agreement pay rates 2019” requires thorough research and precision to meet the readers` expectations. Working rule agreements (WRAs) are agreements between trade unions and employers, defining the terms and conditions of […]