Translation Agreement Contract

4. Additional fees. In the event that the following additional services are required, additional fees shall be charged as set out below: (a) studies, studies or research going beyond normal research for routine translation are required due to ambiguities in the articles to be translated; (b) additional services are required due to the fact that, after signing this Agreement, the Customer submits changes to the Articles to be translated; and (c) The translator is asked to make changes to the translation after delivery of the translation, as the client prefers style or vocabulary, and such changes are not necessary for accuracy. These additional fees are calculated as follows: 2. The editor pays the translator a sum of $_______ for the translation which must be paid as follows: the translator receives the first half ($_______) within 30 days of the signing of the contract by both parties and the second half ($_______) within 30 days of delivery by the translator. This Agreement is established on [name of translator] (hereinafter “translator”), the address of which is [the address of the translator] and [the name of the publisher] (hereinafter “the publisher”), through an English translation (hereinafter the “translation”) of [title of the original work] (hereinafter “the work”) by [name of the author] (hereinafter referred to as “the author”) of the [name of the language]. currently entitled [working title in English]. 12. Upon the first publication of the English translation, the editor gives the translator ten (10) free copies of each edition of the translation, and the translator may purchase additional copies from the publisher with a fifty (50) percent discount in the price of the retail list. A translation contract is an agreement between a freelance translator and his client, which defines the volume of work, steps and deadlines, rights and payment. One of the main obstacles faced by a translator in translating contracts and other legal documents is the lack of equivalents (so-called lexical gaps) due to the different legal systems in different countries. Update 15.09.17. The standard contract should be the starting point for negotiations between translators and editors….

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