The Four Agreements Description

In this way, we learn how to behave and what we should believe and accept as normal. Ruiz says that because we didn`t choose these rules and agreements, we should ask ourselves why we accept them and we live from them. Why not try breaking one of the hundreds or thousands of chords you have right now? Maybe you`re thinking you`re not good at painting — break watercolors and have fun creating something. By gradually following the process, you can change things for the better. Be blameless in my own words, don`t take things personally, don`t make assumptions and always do my best, these four promises are hard to keep, but as soon as I became aware of these four promises, things moved in a positive direction. All four deals© were released in 1997 and have sold about 9 million times. It is also forgiveness for suffering ourselves and the people around us because of our accepted illusions. More, forgive the suffering that others produce because of their dreams. His contributions among the first two can be summarized in bulk as follows: “Be aware of the agreements that dictate your reality and have the discipline to change it.” You could get a little more out of his letter, but not much. Unfortunately, his references to the finish do not go far beyond a well-made “Just do it”. The most damaging of these agreements reaffirm that you are never enough; Let you not stop falling short of a bizarre ideal.

The collective dream of the planet influences our individual dreams.

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