Supplementary Agreement For Sale Of Flat Format

. Ram by the deed of sale of 30-4-1951 and an additional sales document that she had exported. The plaintiffs` appeal to the Court of Appeal at First Instance was unsuccessful. The.. Bindravan is dead. Subsequently, on 30.4.1951, his widow executed a deed of sale of the land in the village of Kaila in favour of Udai Ram (part 1 in the application). The Udai Ram in question sold the land in the form. Question sold by Smt Ram Dulari on the basis of the aforementioned deed of sale of 30-4-1951. The applicants` case was that Ram Dulari had only a limited interest in the country in question and.

. According to the minutes, on 15.3.2010, the accused applicant Harish Chand had sold his share of the land in question for a consideration of 2,11,000/- by a deed of sale registered in Devraj Singh, had legal representatives of Harish Chand. has also been registered by the parties to the previous deed of sale. The interviewee is counting on that. Kamla Devi against the Western State. Plot. 2. This is not an agreement, but a deed of sale of the dwellings grouped in a single unit, has been registered by you in its favor, 3. If the contract you have concluded with the buyer does not oblige you, after the sale of the apartment as a unit, to take steps to transform the apartment into two units, you are not required to take into account the claim of the current owner. . Agreement for the sale of 25 land canals on 12.9.2018 with it.

On 20.10.2018, the result is a customer of the sales contract in favour of the complainant. Chanan S.`s grandfather`s name on the sale agreement still has some concern about the underperformance of the sale. In accordance with the recital of the deed of sale, the counter-performance of the sale was paid to the deceased Chanan Singh. Scholarly Council for the State. the act was executed on 15.11.2018. The complaint claims that before the conclusion of a sales agreement of 12.09.2018 with the. . Surajbhan Bhatnagar, on September 29, 1948, and then on October 15, 1948, a certificate of sale of this Kunj was executed for a sum of 19,000 in favor of Smt. Goji Bibi.

Later, when the Diwan Saheb learned. the applicant before the Court of Appeal that Ladli Kishore had never been accused of having used the additional deed of sale in the context of the execution of a mortgage or sale, including the sole trial. a deed of sale in favour of Smt. Gopi Bibi for Rs 19,000, based on the alleged additional deed of sale. The prosecutor`s office has Smt. Gopi Bibi or his agent Ballomal who has. 4. It is not understood why he wants you to do the same, as he can divide the combined apartment into two separate units himself and register two separate sales documents that identify the two apartments separately in order to give them a unique identity. An addendum is a type of agreement that is concluded when the contract is concluded between the parties. . . .

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