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Learning on the JobWork market learning activities do not require a follow-up form. The prerequisite is that you choose these learning activities in the labour market in consultation with your superiors. An overview of the activities qualified for learning in the workplace and the amount of credits you can obtain for these activities can be found in the Learning on the Job Activities table. A PhD is a collaboration. The focus is on the PhD student, but many other people are also involved. They collaborate with the doctoral student so that he is as efficient as possible: monitors, doctoral students and representatives of the departments and the postgraduate school. Throughout the PhD process, collaboration takes the form of a series of mandatory progress meetings. They are used to facilitate and document the progress of research. These meetings are the place to explain things, make plans and evaluate results. Depending on the type of meeting, different people participate in a phD process.

The Water4Change research program addresses the complex challenges facing urban water systems faced by growing cities in India. India is a rapidly developing country into urban agglomerations with infrastructure deficits and gaps in adaptation to current and future climate, social and economic change. The program understands water as a fundamental necessity for life, which is both an agent and a catalyst for the positive transformative changes needed to proactively address and respond to these challenges. In order to facilitate the long-term sustainability and resilience of urban water systems, the programme, in close collaboration with stakeholders in three Indian cities, will create and sustain an inclusive, functional and adaptive water design framework. The framework is developed by synthetically linking four areas – governance, the built and natural environment, technology and infrastructure design, and social behaviour – to bring about transformative change. The project is co-funded by the Netherlands Scientific Research Organisation (NWO) and the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology (DST) under the Cooperation India – the Netherlands programme. CourseA obtain credits to take a course, you must have this participation form signed by the course teacher (this also applies to MSc courses). If you receive an official certificate for the course you are taking, you can also use it as proof of attendance. For online courses for which you do not receive a certificate, you can use this online participation form. This proof of attendance must be uploaded to DMA in order for you to earn credits for the course.

For more information about signing forms in Adobe Acrobat, see this document. Form D, which can be sent by your members of the Defence Committee to the postgraduate school on courses of MSc programmes to obtain your doctoral points. If you participate in a regular MSc course and take the exam, the ects of the training are converted into GS credits as 1 ECTS = 1 GS-Credit. For “research” and “discipline” skills, there are MSc courses and subjects at the IDE faculty. . . .

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