Classroom Rules Agreement Form

When stickers are added, we see some ideas from each section. Once all the stickers are added, count and write down the number of stickers next to each “big” idea. These “big” ideas become the main ingredients of the class contract. If children think these ideas are the most important, they will be more likely to persevere and work hard. Expectations in the classroom help students develop social responsibility. Try to create together a class contract with the children`s ideas. If you came to this contribution, I can assume that it is due to curiosity or the need to develop expectations in the classroom. You may be wondering how to start teaching social responsibility. You may be wondering where to start and what steps to take. Every year we create a class contract. This multi-step process helps children recognize what is important in a classroom and take responsibility for maintenance. A class contract is something that is established with the participation and ideas of all.

It will be something very strong and powerful. It is also a nice alternative to the traditional rules of the classroom. We move on to how a “great” classroom sounds (what they hear in terms of noise and what people say). Children assiduously share their ideas and I add them to this section. Hello, Amanda! Yes, it becomes the general expectation of my classroom that students must follow. I think if we develop them together, they are much more invested in following them. I also use a variation of the Whole Brain rules available on my blog. Finally, we talk about what it`s like to have a “great” classroom (how they feel at school and how people make them feel). This part is a little more difficult for children. When you speak, encourage them to reflect on how they feel on a good day and when good things happen.

It is a good practice for children to identify different emotions. I read books every day and choose stories that illustrate how children deal with different emotions and issues. We talk about the stories and students share their connections. These books for class meetings are great for conveying social skills and leading those important conversations. You have weekly class meetings. During our class meetings, children are encouraged to openly share feelings, gratitude, and compliments. and solve problems. Hi, Cindi. It`s because of you and what your beliefs have to do with behavioral management.

I prefer to use positive strategies rather than punitive ones. I would discuss with them, check the expectations and establish together an improvement plan. We also have weekly class meetings to check expectations and what works and what doesn`t. These kinds of meetings help us tremendously. I hope it helps. It`s great! I love the way you talk about each part. Is the class contract your rules? Or do you have anything else to do with the rules? Or is the class contract the expectations that students must meet? I hope this and future contribution in this series will give you lessons and ideas that are easy to implement today in your classroom. Hopefully, you`ll see the benefits of how your students interact, deal with the ups and downs of their day, and make decisions in the classroom and playground.

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