Barnsley Council Section 106 Agreement

The report says: “The design sparks the interest, colour and drama of the year in important locations and aims to create a gateway to Barnsley to raise visitor expectations.” The central area is also close to Horizon Community College and on the pedestrian route between the college and the bus distribution point, near the new intersection with Pogmoor Road. “A path along this wish line, as well as seating and an area for the group of `friends of` the group, will lead to increased use of the central area. Planting smaller ornamental trees should provide color and interest, flowers and fruit all year round. According to the report, the newly positioned play area will extend further east into the existing wilderness area, but activists insist that its utilization rate decrease. Countess Hannah Kitching said: “Once again, the Council has shown that it does not listen to its public opinion, and I really have a hard time seeing the benefits of this program which is expensive financially and means that a park is lost.” The newly positioned children`s playground is not used and increases human exposure to air pollution. “The Council does not have the resources to build this school and the government will only fund free school operators. Once an agreement is in effect pursuant to Section 106, it applies to that development, even if someone else buys it. The hyperlink you sent me comes from a series of ICO guides to support public institutions in the higher education sector, not local councils; the default setting for the disclosure mentioned therein is for the FOI (and EIR) exceptions, particularly in Part II, Sections 21 to 44, of the FOIA. Therefore, a public authority that considers a class or bias exception in the event of a request for information may nevertheless consider disclosure, although a refusal is an option. For a project to be approved, it must have S106 money and contribute to the Council`s priorities. For more information on the Article 106 agreements, see here. I am clearly identifiable, but you are the only English city council to ask more than `Mr Wrighte` – or `Mr N Wrighte` – for details on the future look of a closed popular park to create a new one-way system. A report suggests that Penny Pie Park – the green space at the heart of an ongoing dispute between activists and Barnsley Council – will become a “more used community space” after the completion of the multi-lane road. Dodworth Road Park was closed to the public last month, triggering furious scenes between activists who fought against the council`s plan to force a turnaround. Members of Save Penny Pie Park say use of the park will decrease when the work — which is expected to last up to 18 months — is completed, as it is surrounded by the new spinning top.

Cabinet members approved a report recommending the handover of a site on Broadway, Kingstone, to the Secretary of State for Housing, Municipalities and Local Government for a small fee of £1, based on the fact that Council will not provide additional funding for the programme. He says he sees no problems with the plan that will be submitted to council members at the next planning committee. During the construction application procedure, agreements within the meaning of Article 106 are negotiated between the Council and the developers in order to compensate for the negative effects of development. Among the things that a developer must consider as part of the agreement, section 106 money is spent in accordance with the terms of the legal agreement entered into when granting the building permit. In some cases, legal agreements are specific, but in others there is some flexibility…

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