Agreement Specifically Enforceable

In this section, we will discuss the types of contracts that are not explicitly applicable under this law. (2) With the exception of the Arbitration Act 1940, no contract referring to current or future disputes to arbitral proceedings may be expressly applied; However, where a person who has entered into such a contract (with the exception of the arbitration agreement to which the provisions of that law apply) and who has refused to perform it brings a claim in respect of an object to which he must refer, the existence of such a contract precludes recourse. Under section 14 of the Specific Relief Act 1963, there are certain contracts that cannot be expressly enforced, and these are contracts that cannot be expressly enforced under the Specific Relief Act 1963 The High Court of Kerala in R. Nitya vs. Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited &Ors. (O.P. (C) No.

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