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A permanent offer communication is declared upon tender when a permanent offer agreement is established. This agreement is an ongoing offer to a supplier or supplier to provide specific goods or services over a specified period of time and includes panels. The notice states the details of the agreement, including participating suppliers and agencies. Annie van der Merwe Category Officer, Medical Equipment Unit 02 8907 When WaterNSW attempts to acquire works, activities, goods and/or services on a permanent offer basis, the Standing Offer Deed, in conjunction with the above-mentioned contracts, is used to conclude such an agreement. The Standing Offer Deed does not work alone – it must be placed before a contract for goods and/or services, a professional service contract or a construction company contract. In order to assist local health districts and other health authorities in the ordering and purchasing processes, product and price information, as published by suppliers, is available through the Master Catalogue Information System (MCIS). Accelerate to MCIS and search for the “PNP-Upload” tab. All medical devices are available through a permanent offer contract. A standing offer agreement is a panel contract negotiated by HealthShare NSW with suppliers. This agreement is managed to provide the best value for the equipment. These agreements are regularly renewed and updated.

Catalogue Services, HealthShare NSW Phone: 1800 822 350 Email: (General Requests). Network, unified communications, cybersecurity, computing center equipment, soft ICT contractors are encouraged to become registered providers under the ICT Services Scheme to ensure they are best placed and well prepared to participate in relevant purchasing events. For more details on the ICT services program and the IT procurement framework, please WaterNSW may, at our discretion, decide to use custom contracts (instead of standard contract models) or entire government contracts and related systems for the purchase of relevant activities, jobs, goods and/or services. In particular, we may use custom contracts or collections of NSW Government Core or ProcureIT contracts for the purchase of ICT-related goods and/or services.

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