Security Instrument Loan Agreement

Taking into account the legally binding agreements and agreements outlined, the parties agree that a person`s contractual obligation involves any indentation, a note, a guarantee, an act of trust, a mortgage, a guarantee contract, a lease, a guarantee, a deed, a contract, a contract, a contract or any other form of undertaking to which that person or person is bound. Warrant Purchase Agreement refers to an options purchase agreement, in which a share warrant is entered into by the borrower and a lender partner at the same time as the execution of that loan agreement. Section 9.10 Agent and Lender Trust. All agreements, agreements, insurance and guarantees that the borrower has entered into are considered essential for the agent and lenders, regardless of the agent`s investigation. Section 4.11 Catastrophic Events; Work fights. None of the subsidiaries of borrowers or borrowers and none of their characteristics are or have been affected by fire, explosion, accident, strike, lockout or any other conflict, drought, storm, hail, earthquakes, embargo, act of God or other victims that would reasonably have a significant negative effect. There is no litigation currently the subject of an appeal, arbitration or dispute in the context of a collective agreement, employment contract or incentive plan involving borrowers or subsidiaries of borrowers, and there are no strikes, lockouts, work stoppages or slowdowns, or, at best, in the opinion of the borrower. , litigation or organizational policy activities that would have a reasonably adverse effect. If the borrower fails or refuses to make a payment, another obligation, fulfill or comply with an obligation or to take other measures that the borrower must take, execute, execute, do or do, in accordance with a transaction document at the time or in the manner provided in a transaction document, to the exclusive and absolute assessment of the agents without the borrower requiring or requiring the obligation of the borrower. , without exempting the borrower from a bond.

, the confederation or condition in a transactional document, the agent may do, perform, observe, take or do the same in the manner and to the extent that the agent deems necessary to protect his interest in the safety or value of the security.

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