Myba Central Agency Agreement

When using myBA`s electronic charter agreement, users are required to ensure that, in all transactions, only current MYBA charter contracts with a single serial number are used on pages 1-2. Computer-generated photocopies or copies should not be accepted as they may contain changes and/or errors that may not be immediately recognizable. Surround yourself with people who know what they`re doing and have a good balance sheet, including: surveyor, lawyer, super-yacht manager, broker and vat/accountant advisor. Make sure your contract, specific terms and conditions are all available in writing. The most common form of the agreement for the sale and purchase of used super yachts is the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) form of sale and purchase, known as the MYBA Memorandum of Agreement (MYBA MOA). Additional conditions or changes to standard conditions must be recorded (for example.B. transfer of charters currently reserved for the season or works to be removed). It is important that oral agreements be recorded in writing. You should think carefully before signing the staff guarantee that subscribes to the company`s sales or purchase obligations. This can affect the ownership structure you have carefully set up and cause tax law problems when selling. Who`s my broker? Do I have to enter into an agency agreement? MYBA reserves the right to verify at any time that the subscriber continues to comply with the terms of use and use of the subscription and, to that end, the subscriber undertakes to provide the company, on request, with the information that the company can reasonably require. If MYBA finds that it does not respond to the invitation, MYBA reserves the right to revoke the use of the e-Contract service in case of non-compliance. Anyone using the myba Charter Agreement electronic form agrees to comply with the current terms of use, changed from time to time.

These terms of use must be printed, dated and signed and returned with your application file as confirmation of your intention to comply with them at any time. MYBA E-CONTRACT TERMS – CONDITIONS OF USE (Click on download) Your application file must be sent to the myba administrator, Once the application is received, the name and fact of the application applicant will be published [on the myBA public website, that is fully accessible to the public. – NB will be available as soon as the site is ready] What should I do if the buyer changes the flag? Your MYBA ID is required in the registration form to verify your status. Entries, modifications and/or modifications received after March 20 [MI2] 20 or not yet paid on that date are not on the list of central AGENTS subject to participation in the show`s publications.

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