How To Get Out Of A Non Compete Agreement In Tennessee

If you need assistance with interpretation or to impose a non-competition clause under this new “pandemic prism,” Meridian Law`s lawyers will assist you. Please contact Tom Shumate at or (615) 229-7499. As noted in the previous example, a non-compete agreement must also serve a legitimate business purpose of the employer. In other words, an employer cannot require its employees to sign non-compete contracts solely to be reluctant or to prevent workers from leaving – or because the employer does not want to face normal competitive competition. The employer really needs to try to protect itself from unfair competition, not competition. It is important that the commercial objective to be protected be set out in the agreement and that the non-competition regime is effectively designed to protect those interests. If the circumstances indicate that the stated purpose is merely a pretext to limit the former employee`s ability to earn a living, the agreement is likely to be null and void. Sharp also points out that the Trade Secrets Act uniform covers the privacy of the competition, even in the absence of a signed document. The law states that the secrets of a company – the things that a company strives to support (for example. B technological developments, internal financial data and customer lists) – should not be disclosed by any employee. In other words, the economic benefits of trade secrets benefit the employer, whether or not the employee has signed a non-compete clause.

The “good will” of the company is an ambiguous and difficult concept to define, often intended to protect competition contracts. The goodwill of a company is in fact its positive reputation with its customers and the general public. Non-competitors protect goodwill by, for example, ensuring that a company`s reputation for quality services with its customers belongs to the company itself and not to the individual employees who provided the service. This seems to be the practical end of the non-competition clause in the state. But according to Eddie Wayland, a lawyer for King and Ballow, a company that often represents employers, Tennessee is more likely to impose a non-compete agreement than most other states, as long as the conditions are appropriate. As he points out, an employer invests time and money in training an employee. “You don`t want to break your head with your hammer,” he says. The Tribunal will consider the scope (what are prohibited activities), the duration (duration) and geographic restrictions of the agreement. How a court will re-treat an overly broad non-competition agreement depends on the laws of the state governing the agreement. Some courts will limit the agreement to the point where it will become reasonable or enforce only the appropriate parts of the agreement, while others will reject it completely.

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