Service Level Agreement Available Gcp

3.2.1 The available time and the time not available are counted by measures designated by the company on the basis of UTC (coordinated universal time). 3.4.1 Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this ALS or an agreement between the customer and the company, the following provisions apply: 3.2.3 The “SLA Service Credit” period is the period between the default detection period and the first proposed period for replacement of spare parts. The earliest time proposed for the replacement of the described in 3.1.4 (“Parts”). “The most advanced time proposed for the “exchange of parts” is the nearest date and the earliest time at which the company is available for parts replacement. In many cases, the customer can reasonably diagnose the problems himself by having access to information about software products that are readily available in the knowledge base. For requirements that cannot be resolved via the knowledge base, you must submit a ticket via the helpdesk. Commercebuild takes organizational, physical and technical steps to protect the security of your data, as described in the documentation. These precautions include measures to prevent access, use, modification or disclosure of your data by our employees and contractors, with the exception of (a) to provide the hosted service and to prevent or resolve service or technical problems, b) as required by law or (c) as you expressly allow in writing. 2.The following cases are excluded from the unavailable time; Standard support does not include the provision of accommodation or counselling services.

It also does not cover problems caused by your system administrator, such as your accidental or accidental destruction of your own data or a case of force majeure. During the duration of the agreement, after Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform available to the customer (the “contract” if applicable), the covered service provides a percentage of monthly availability as follows (the “Service Level Objective” or “SLO”): a) a force majeure event, that is, any cause outside the control of the company, including, but not limited, to any act of God, earthquake, explosion, fire, fire, power outage, power outage, or other disaster; the embargo, insurgency, national emergency, terrorist act or war; laws or any order, instruction or injunction of a federal, state, state, foreign or other government, or a civilian or military authority; the unavailability of necessary equipment, supplies, services, work or facilities; downtime does not include the loss of external connectivity resulting (i) from the Google-run VPN service, which does not serve data traffic that is directed to VPN tunnels under this service; This type of downtime is handled exclusively in the VPN SLA cloud; or (ii) network service levels – standard animal that emits without data traffic.

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