Nova Student Enrollment Agreement

Northern Virginia Community College provides its catalogue, textbooks, website and other print or electronic materials for general consultation. The College does not guarantee that the information it contains, including, but not only the content of a page that is registered under the domain name identification system (DNS), is of up-to-date, complete and accurate and that individuals take all risks related to the information without checking other credible sources, such as. B for example, a student`s academic advisor. In addition, the dependence of an aspiring student on information contained in these sources, or on individual catalogues or textbooks, does not constitute a brevity in academic decision-making, nor should it be construed as a contract with the university. In addition, the college reserves the right to make changes to all provisions or requirements within these sources, as well as changes to each program or program, whether it is the enrollment of a student or in some other way. In addition to teaching, all students must pay school insurance (1.50 euros) and administrative fees (35 euros) until October 19, 2020. NOVA`s online catalogue is the college`s official catalogue. The catalogue contains information on university admission, enrolment, diplomas and certificates, as well as academic guidelines. With the new COVID 19 rules and campus regulations, students must carry their Nova SBE cards at all times and make them visible. The student card is your official form of identification.

It provides access to several of the school`s institutions, including study rooms, the Teresa and Alexandre Soares dos Santos library and photocopiers. You will be informed of the withdrawal date by email. A) Prepare the following documents to download on the registration platform: generate your student card by accessing this link. You must enter your Nova SBE ID number. NTC does not accept ability-To-Benefit (A.T.B.) Admission students. To be admitted, the school must therefore have to prove that a student has obtained a bachelor`s degree or a recognized equivalent. The registration period is open from October 15 to October 19. You should: Your registration is final only when you have paid the first tranche of your tuition until October 19. If you don`t meet the deadline, you lose your seat. 1. Send a registration contract and send the registration agreement to the NOVA Training Center, or fill out the form in person, or fill out the online form on the school`s website.

All parts of the agreement must be concluded. October 15th will be the decisive day when you will find out if this could be the place your future is looking for. Once the results are available and you have confirmed that you have been placed at Nova SBE, you must follow these steps to the letter to successfully register and officially become a Nova SBE student: Once your registration is complete, your tuition payment becomes available. Your bachelor`s degree begins with a welcome week during which you will have the opportunity to learn all about the Nova way of life.

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