Pfizer License Agreements

Pfizer Investor Relations: Chuck AKCEA-ANGPTL3-LRX is an anti-sednic treatment discovered and developed by Ionis and designed to treat patients with certain cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. As previously announced, the agreement provides that Akcea and Ionis will receive a pre-licensing fee of $250 million, divided equally between the two companies. Akcea will honour its […]

Peace Agreement In Philippines

The erosion of MOA-ADs marked another setback for the peace process: armed conflicts for 2008 reached a record 30 incidents in Mindanao. To save the negotiations, Arroyo declared in July 2009 the suspension of military operations against the MILF. For forty years, armed conflicts have ensued between the Philippine government and various Moro rebel […]

Partnership Non Compete Agreement Template

A non-compete agreement is a contract that prevents a worker from cooperating with an employer`s competitor, either by passing on confidential information to a competing company or by setting up his own business in the same field. Non-competition requirements vary from state to state – some states even prohibit it – so it is […]

Paris Climate Agreement In Which Year

The Paris Agreement marks the beginning of a shift towards a low-carbon world – much remains to be done. Implementation of the agreement is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as it contains a roadmap to combat climate change to reduce emissions and build resilience to climate change. The NRDC is working to […]

Pakistan Gcc Free Trade Agreement

A Pakistani Ministry of Commerce official was also quoted as saying that Pakistan and the GCC countries were committed to promoting bilateral trade and trade relations. “Encouraging the private sector to increase the volume of trade is a priority for both sides,” he added. Pakistan remains firmly committed to concluding a free trade agreement […]

Oregon Shared Stewardship Agreement

The State Department of Natural Resources in Washington reached a joint management agreement in May 2019. The agreement establishes a framework for Washington and the USDA Forest Service to jointly promote common priorities, coordinate investments and implement landscape-wide projects across Washington. (3) The goal of a loyalty agreement is as follows: in February 2020, […]

Operating Agreement Clauses

How will this be resolved if a member wishes to dissolve the link with the LLC or if you want that member removed? Operations in this area should be clear, as appears in one way or another in all companies. General provisions Finally, the general provisions may include a provision requiring members to settle […]

On A Financial Agreement

You can, but it`s not recommended. Even if there are no assets to share, it is recommended that a financial agreement be reached to avoid future problems. If you are unable to reach an agreement, you may have to ask the court for a decision and a judge will decide how to allocate your […]

Nzpfu Collective Agreement

Peace clauses are effectively automatic for the duration of an agreement. Workers cannot legally strike or be blocked if there is a current AEC or if less than 40 days have elapsed since negotiations began. Another cornerstone is HSWA, which has introduced new risk management responsibilities that can cause serious injury, illness or death […]

Nova Student Enrollment Agreement

Northern Virginia Community College provides its catalogue, textbooks, website and other print or electronic materials for general consultation. The College does not guarantee that the information it contains, including, but not only the content of a page that is registered under the domain name identification system (DNS), is of up-to-date, complete and accurate […]