Data Processing Agreement Terms And Conditions

c. Even if the data importer is unable to pass on a subcontract to the data exporter, the parties agree that the data importer makes available to the data exporter (on a confidential basis) all the information it needs under such a subcontracting agreement. Reaction and follow-up: We record known security incidents, including description, date and time of relevant activities and incident organization. Suspicious and confirmed security incidents are investigated by security, administrative or assistance personnel; identify and document appropriate resolution operations. In the event of confirmed incidents, we will take appropriate measures to minimize damage to products and customers or unauthorized disclosure. The notification will be made to you in accordance with the terms of the agreement. If your organization uses G Suite services, changes to data processing and standard contractual clauses may apply to you. You can accept these agreements via admin Console: Find out how your organization can sign up. We are currently complying with the security measures described in this Schedule 2. All the terms in bulk, which are not defined here otherwise, are defined by the Indians, as they are defined in the terms of the master. In this appendix, the parties must interpret their respective obligations under certain conditions of the clauses. When one party fulfills the interpretations set out in this appendix, it is deemed to have met its obligations under the other party`s clauses. 3.4 Objection to subcontractors.

Customers may object in writing to DigitalOcean`s order for a new subprocessor for justifiable data protection reasons, notifying DigitalOcean immediately in writing within five (5) calendar days of receiving the DigitalOcean notification in accordance with Section 3.3. This opinion must explain the reasons for the objection. In this case, the parties discuss these concerns in good faith in order to reach an economically reasonable solution. If this is not possible, each party can terminate the corresponding services that cannot be provided by DigitalOcean without the use of the offending subprocessor again. 4. The parties do not object to a person being represented by an association or other body if the person concerned expressly wishes to do so and if national law permits it. d. If necessary, the parties reasonably cooperate during the cure period to agree on safeguards or other additional measures that may be necessary to ensure compliance by the data importer with the applicable data protection clauses and legislation. `standard contractual clauses`, the standard contractual clauses adopted in accordance with the European Commission`s decision of 5 February 2010 on standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to subcontractors based in third countries, in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC. Anyway, the customer may not supply, export or re-export a person to anyone, or authorize the export or re-export of services or software or any related product (all “controlled means of distribution”) in violation of the restrictions, laws or regulations of the U.S.

Department of Commerce, the U.S. Treasury Asset Control Office or other U.S. foreign agencies or other U.S. foreign agencies. Without limitation of the above customer, it recognizes and accepts that the controlled object is not used, transferred or exported or re-exported to countries where the United States is subject to an embargo (together, “embargo country”) or to a national or resident or a person or organization in the United States.

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