Ca Agreement Credit Adjustment Spectrum

We have a charter spectrum, and at no time is my bill the same. The service is sporadic at best and unlike Comcast, service agents never have answers for you. We had to have the highest package they had, and one day I hadn`t informed Cinemax. When we challenged the spectrum, we were told that Cinemax would not sign the proposed terms. I asked how this change would affect my bill and I was told that because of the new prices, it would go up rather than down, and I can only assume that it is because they no longer received any money from Cinemax. Even though a house on the block has a cable problem, they go through my yard without notice, they leave my door open and my dog walks. When I complain, they just say excuses, but it happens over and over again. I told them if it came back, I would call the police. Finally, in my area have a kind of o Lock deal with the city and will not allow Comcast in the area. Every 3 months, I call Comcast and I beg, but they tell me they can cross the line. It is not an illegal monopoly. The same thing had happened to me, they did it to me for years, where there was my credit in a bad reputation and they constantly increased my account to get the hole they helped me to financoally for themselves the Wi-Fi spectrum and was in the middle of the wad with the TV.

Wi-Fi is about 50 per month. 70. then the package did not offer payments for how long then 80 for Bundle. but when I called, there were over 150 to I took receipts with free for what my bill was high for only months to find that they were for me money or a loan that was last November and nothing yet eligible customers receive 90 dollars in a single credit on their bills. Customers who have received outdated modems and paid for higher internet speeds are entitled to a credit of $180. Spectrum is required to be able to issue credits to all eligible consumers within 60 days. I called spectrum, told them that my Internet continues to freeze, the spectrum asked how many TVs, you have the game unit, I said, yes, you need to get Internet 79 I did. Now the internet will always freeze and the bill I went to call they said to drop some channels and some channels that I like and the strings of wires still drop the bill. I`m originally from Massachusetts from Worcester and I`ve noticed that something strange about my account with spectrum service is ridiculous, they never get what you pay for anyone here who has problems keeping records about it, and Spektrum already has 2 or 3 class actions in New York and California, for billions!! For overworked customers!! Whoever is in charge or owns this business is obviously extremely greedy, and we all know what happens to people like that, you`ve overloaded me for years, and I`m just grateful that someone is finally doing something about it. Even with Turbotax it`s not FREE!! Most of the money is repaid through automatic credits on monthly cable/Internet bills from Spectrum customers, which became the parent company of Time Warner Cable after a merger in 2016. I have the same problem with the frequency bill always at the top Our frequency calculation went higher and higher and until we can no longer afford it.

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